Picture This!

An Online Webcast


Making Thinking Visible

Picture This! is an online webcast series. Each module is pre-recorded and you can participate at any time that is convenient for you. Watch each video as many times as you like throughout the series.

Not sure if the full series is right for you? Register for the Introductory Module (at $49) to unlock the possibilities of using visuals in your personal and professional world. If you decide to register for the full 5-Module Series, you can apply your $49 to the cost of the full series. Or register now for the full series for $249 and receive the Introductory Module free!

So let’s get started! Time to explore YOUR full potential and Master the ART of Communication!

Introduction to Visuals

1-hour Webcast
  • Available beginning May 25, 2017
  • Unlock the Possibilities! Discover ways to use visuals to find personal and business success
  • Play! Develop basic drawing skills that will impress your colleagues and friends
  • Explore! Experience how visuals can boost listener engagement and increase long term retention of learning
  • Learn! 5 Key Principles to Visual Communication and develop your own capacity to take the power of visuals to your next message

5-Module Webcast Series

Five 1-hour Modules
  • Available beginning June 29, 2017. Modules released monthly through October.
  • Each module contains:
  • Making Thinking Visible: Explore how the mind really works, and learn ways to use visuals to enhance learning for all audiences!
  • Basic Drawing Techniques: Play along with fun drawing exercises, and learn simple tricks to making drawing easy.
  • Visual Literacy Skills: Develop confidence in your own ability to draw and tackle the nemesis of self-talk.
  • The Wave of the Future: Discover how visuals are shaping the worlds of advertising, business, and social media.
  • Sketchnoting, Graphic Recording, and Visual Facilitation: Find ways to maximize your business and personal potential!