Every October, artists all over the world take on a drawing challenge, creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October.

#Inktober was started by Jake Parker in 2009, where he challenged the visual world to up their visual game and create 31 drawings in 31 days during the month of October. I think it’s a great idea, one I wish I’d thought of! What better time to engage people around visual imagery than around a holiday where visual intrigue and stimulation is at its peak?

I happened upon this challenge on Instagram a year or so ago, and I was intrigued, yet far too intimidated to participate. But, the more I read about #Inktober, the more spellbound I become with @mrjakeparker and his vision for this annual tradition.

#Inktober wasn’t created to compare artistic talent, but with a sense of growing and improving, and developing positive drawing habits and contribution to a visual community. – Jake Parker

Last year, I apprehensively contributed a drawing or two, but felt completely out of my league. The talent and artistry from contributors just blew me away!

But this year I’m a different artist.

I am an artist who is committed to practicing art more consistently; and one who is willing to practice and learn the techniques that I’ve long admired in others. This year I’ve decided to take the challenge as a testament to what it means to learn and grow as a graphic recording artist with Frame the Message Ink.

So, let’s do this. Let’s #Inktober!

If you’d like to join me, here’s Jake’s challenge: 1) Make a drawing in ink; 2) Post it online; 3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017 and, 4) Repeat!

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