Creative /kre’adiv/

I am creative (the noun), a person who is creative in my professional context. I am creative (the adjective), a word that describes my imagination and the originality of my ideas. I produce imaginative, original and artistic work, thereby, I am creative.

Perfection /pərˈfekSH(ə)n/

I am also a self-inflicted perfectionist. I refuse to accept any standard short of perfection. I will perseverate over the smallest of things, simply to assure I put nothing but my best out into the world, thereby, I am a perfectionist.

This has me wondering. Can I be perfect and creative at the same time?

Everyone must answer for themselves; but what is ultimately the point of creativity? To let go of a regimented system and express thoughts, emotions, and ideas without contest.

As the creator of Frame the Message Ink, I make it my business to spark creativity through the use of vibrant visual images. I listen closely and think creatively to capture content as it’s being spoken at meetings, events and conferences in a process called graphic recording.

As a graphic recorder, I must set my perfectionism aside to make room for my creativity to flow.

When I listen to my perfectionist self, I hear self-criticism, comparison, doubt and defeat. When I choose to listen, it hinders my own ability to be creative.

I realize that to be creatively perfect, in that moment, is impossible. This oxymoron implies that there is a perfect way of being creative. But by nature of the word, creativity has no boundaries, rules, regulations, or stipulations. Anything goes.

My favorite thing about creativity is the freedom it gives us to express ourselves unapologetically and without anyone telling us how to do it.

It is always difficult for me to let go of my perfectionist habits when my work is on display for everyone to see. My self-talk gets the best of me, but I always remember that I am my own worst critic. The audience does not hear the voices in my head, they only see the messages I create on paper. This is at the heART of creative perfection!

In your line of work, is there a perfect way to be creative, or a creative way to be perfect?