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Time’s Up!

There are many items on our wish lists that make their way under the tree during the holiday season. Yet the most popular gift request made year after year, never seems to make it under the tree. This year, I was surprised by a gift I never expected. One that I didn’t ask for, but one that surprisingly still keeps on giving. Read more…

Hashing Out Issues with Hashtags

Who remembers the pound sign? No one anymore. Hashtags have taken the world by storm, inspiring trends and revolutionary ideas. Read more…

November 1st, Block it Out Day!

Although technology has made our lives astronomically easier, it is not always a good thing. The average American adult spends as many as three hours of their day on their mobile phones. Think about all the free time you would have if you weren’t constantly updating Facebook. You may actually find some time to live in the moment! Read more…

Together We Can! Prevent Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools

Catch my collaboration with Vicki Davis: The Cool Cat Teacher which discusses the severity of bullying and cyberbullying inside and outside of schools, as well as possible solutions for educators and families. Read more…

Artists of All Kinds are Leaving their Mark on #INKtober

Every October, artists all over the world take on a drawing challenge, creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October called #Inktober. Last year, I apprehensively contributed a drawing or two, but felt completely out of my league. The talent and artistry from contributors just blew me away! But this year I’m a different artist. This year, I’ve decided to take the challenge as a testament to what it means to learn and grow as a graphic recording artist with Frame the Message Ink. Read more….

Mastering the HeART of Change

Pinch me. I’m living a dream. But I’m still learning what it takes to master the heART of change.

How to achieve creative perfection

I am a creative.  I am a perfectionist. This has me wondering. Can I be creative and perfect at the same time?

Coloring Outside the Lines

Picture This! In 2017, Frame the Message Ink will be coloring outside the lines and spanning the globe. To countries far and wide, there are sure to be many amazing adventures! Can you picture it?

Dream. Learn. Serve. Why I'm Here at the American School of Bombay (Day 1)

Dream, Learn, Serve. That is the Mission of the American School of Bombay (ASB) and why Frame the Message Ink is here coloring outside of the lines for the next 5 days. It’s why I traveled over 8,068 miles from Phoenix, Arizona, endured 24 exhausting hours in airports and airplanes…. To Mumbai, India.

The ART in Chaos: Lessons from Mumbai (Day 2)

The westerner in me is no stranger to hustle and bustle. However, this pace seems different than the “busy bee mentality” indicative of my own American culture. But how?

Third Culture Perspective: Exploring the Streets of Mumbai (Day 3)

After two days of learning about the American School of Bombay, today, I actually stepped out of the bubble of Bandra Kurla to explore the streets of Mumbai with an amazing guide and friend, Rory and her former student, Kelly, a third culture kid. Oh, and dare I forget Moen, Rory’s super incredible personal driver.

Video Ink Blog: Mastering the Art of Communication

At Frame the Message Ink, I want to master the ART of communication. What message are you hoping to convey? How can I help?

Video Ink Blog: Why I Draw

Isn’t it possible that we become even more intelligent when we challenge our creative brains? For me, drawing isn’t always about the art, it is about the thinking that lives inside.

Video Ink Blog: Ink Your Think!

Visuals are not just for visual learners, but for all learners in pursuit of deeper learning and content connections.

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