Pinch me. I’m living a dream.

Two years ago, I took a leap of faith and made a decision that changed everything for me. I quit my job and journeyed into the unknown. I became a full-time graphic recorder and created Frame the Message Ink. I make my living with magic markers and super-sized sketchbooks. I wake up every day doing what I love- listening, learning, laughing and coloring my way through the world.

I’ve never felt more fulfilled, more complete. I finally have a handle on what it means to have work-life balance.

But I’m still learning what it takes to master the heART of change.

There is a a lot of work involved in owning and operating a small business. Going out on my own, means I’m in charge of the bills. I’m in charge of what works, and what doesn’t. It lands on me when decisions must be made.  I’m the one to acknowledge, and the one to blame. This means I have had to change a lot about how I manage life, work, and my priorities.

 “You change your life by changing your heart.” –Max Lucado

Recently, I’ve undergone some life changes. I love being able to stop what I’m doing and offer my support when needed. I relish in the freedom to not have to say, “Let me see if I can get the day off to help.” My family needs me more, so for a short time, running the business of Frame the Message Ink will take a back seat to the important duties of doing life. It is all good! Because I am in charge of this change. And that feels good. For the first time I’m learning to master change, not let it master me.

I’m learning that mastering the heART of change is…

  • Letting everything else go, so that the important things can rise to the top.
  • Not having to say you’re sorry that you weren’t there for someone because life was just “too busy.”
  • Remaining free of guilt when the work has to wait.
  • Abolishing unnecessary stress from what should be your greatest passion in life, your work.

Mastering the ART of Communication means I must also fully engage my heART in my life, work, family, and friends. And this all requires change! I’m still learning to master it all. But I’m choosing to go forward into this new era of my life with a heART of love and life and all its blessings.