This past year, I experienced a dream come true and conquered one of my greatest fears all in a single heart-stopping endeavor. My TEDx video: Mastering the HeART of Communication was released to the world this last week!

Exposing my victories and my struggles with learning wasn’t easy. Preparing my TEDx Talkvalidated how important visuals are for my learning style, and now I’m hopeful others will see value in exploring the world of visuals with me!

Words alone can’t express how thankful I have been for the opportunities I have been given. The chance to live the life I’ve imagined, build the business I’ve dreamed of, Frame the Message Ink, travel the world, visit countries I’ve never imagined, and to share my journey with the TEDx world. These experiences are simply unimaginable, and could never be expressed in words.

Words couldn’t come close to describing the people I’ve met, like Elen Sparks Agency, Alysia Dahir, or Taylor Wellman. Nor could they describe what I’ve felt in my heart for others who have inspired my story, and guided my path. There are no words to describe these things; but there are vivid and colorful images.

Images I hold in my head of goals envisioned, actions realized, and ambitions achieved. And images of the people who have held me well.

Thank you to everyone who helped me actualize this dream. It is something I am proud of, and will forever hold dear as memory of a dream come true!

There are no words to adequately say, “Thank you!”

Please help me share my TEDx video: Mastering the HeART of Communication widely, and help inspire others on their journey to a love of learning!