Picture This!

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Want to learn how to leverage your skills at drawing to enhance your message? Picture This! is an online series designed with the busy leader and learner in mind. You can watch each module online and participate at any time that is convenient for you. Watch and learn with me as many times as you like!

In this online series, you can expect to:

  • Play along with fun drawing exercises and learn simple tricks to making drawing easy.
  • Develop confidence in your own ability to draw and tackle the nemesis of self-talk.
  • Discover how visuals are shaping the worlds of advertising, business, and social media.
  • Unlock the Possibilities at your next meeting or presentation!

Get the courage to pick up your markers and play again! Improve the clarity of your next message through mastering the ART of visual communication.

“Do you teach this?”
is a common question.
Yes, I Do!

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Watch the Introductory Module Now

Picture This! capitalizes on brain science to answer these questions: What is visual communication? And why do visuals work? You’ll learn and practice drawing: Letters, Shapes, Bullets, Frames and Banners, Concepts and People. In this introduction, you’ll learn to use visuals to gain credibility, focus attention, peak interest and aid in audience retention.

Like What You’re Learning?

The full Picture This! Webcast Series consists of an Introductory Module and five 1-hour modules, each focused on one method of visual presenting. Modules 1-5 are divided into four 15-minute parts to make viewing easy! Each module provides practical examples, drawing tips and tricks, and opportunities to practice what you learn.

By subscribing to the full Picture This! Webcast Series, you will learn:

  • The importance of visuals in communication
  • Ways to capitalize on visuals to find personal and business success
  • Drawing tools and techniques to develop as a visual communicator
  • Key principles to using visuals to increase audience engagement

Module 1: Fun with Flip Charts

Part 1: Tips and Tools for Presenting with Flip Charts
Part 2: Simple Drawing and Letter Techniques
Part 3: Grow Your Visual Library
Part 4: Build Drawing Confidence

Module 2: Power Up with Posters

Part 1: Using Posters Effectively
Part 2: More Drawing and Lettering Techniques
Part 3: Visual Literacy
Part 4: Visual Communication in Education, Business, and Marketing

Module 3: See the World through Sketchnoting

Part 1: Tools for Sketchnoting
Part 2: Capturing Visual Notes
Part 3: Listening Strategies
Part 4: Media Mania!

Module 4: Grab them with Graphic Recording

Part 1: Going Big! with Graphic Recording
Part 2: Using LIVE Visuals to impact thinking/improve retention
Part 3: Applications and Examples
Part 4: Building Communities of Learners

Module 5: Draw with Digital Devices

Part 1: Tools, Apps, and Digital Devices
Part 2: Digital Drawing Techniques
Part 3: Virtual Visuals
Part 4: Master the HeART of Communication