Picture This!

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Ever find yourself reaching for a pen when trying to relay a message or capture an important idea? That’s your visual brain at work! Forget the myth that only visual learners can learn in visual ways! Each of us have capacity to learn visually, and in fact, we all do! Find out how you can improve the clarity of your next message through mastering the ART of visual communication.

Picture This! is an online webcast series. Each module is pre-recorded and designed for the busy leader and learner in mind. You can participate at any time that is convenient for you and watch them as many times as you like through the series.

In the Introductory Module, and the five-part series, you will learn:

1. The importance of visuals in communication
2. Ways to capitalize on visuals to find personal and business success
3. Drawing tools and techniques to develop as a visual communicator
4. Key principles to using visuals to increase audience engagement

In each module, we’ll focus on one of the following: Charts and Posters, Sketchnoting, Graphic Recording and Digital Notetaking.

Module 1:

Tips and Tools for Presenting/Flip Charts
Simple Drawing and Lettering Techniques
Grow Your Visual Library
Build Drawing Confidence

Module 2:

Using Tools Effectively/Posters
More Drawing and Lettering Techniques
Visual Literacy
Visual Communication in Education, Business and Marketing

Module 3:

Tools for Sketchnoting
Capturing Visual Notes
Listening Strategies
Media Mania!

Module 4:

Going Big! Graphic Recording
Using LIVE visuals to impact thinking/improve retention
Applications and Examples
Building Communities of Learners

Module 5:

Tools, Apps and Digital Devices
Digital Drawing Techniques
Virtual Visuals
Mastering the HeART of Communication

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A few years ago, I traded in my desk for a life of adventure, and decided to become a visual evangelist! My mission? To color outside of the lines, and help others find joy in learning again by Mastering the ART of Communication. So come on Ink Masters… Are you ready to join me?