My day began just as it did yesterday. Greeted with a cheerful good morning by the lovely Pradnya (pictured), then boarding the school bus that delivered all of the presenters safely to the ASB Elementary Campus for the last day of @ASBPluggedIn. The word safety is significant here, because the streets of the Bandura Kurla Complex (BKC) are energetic and vibrant!

The sound of beeping horns in the streets is constant and melodic, a song where everyone seems to know the tune (except me). I’m told this is a quiet day because of the bank holiday. Still, the hurried traffic, pedicabs, bicycles, pedestrians… move up and down the streets of (BKC) at a crazy pace. No aggression or impatience, no road rage, no anger, just people working in tandem with their surroundings.

Once we arrived at the conference, the day was just as busy. Moving from space to space, from presenter to presenter, with the help of an amazing teacher, assistant, fan and friend, Rory (pictured in heading). Up and down the elevator (the ‘lift’), I engaged in friendly conversations with people I’d never met. Doors open. Doors close… in the small, cramped space that delivered us across 6 floors of expansive space, every interaction made me feel as though I belonged.

There is no doubt, people think fast and act fast here in Mumbai, they have to! But, they remain diligent and slow when it comes to serving and greeting one another. They are quick and efficient in every aspect, yet flexible and understanding of differences. They are never too busy to stop and encourage, support, appreciate, and serve one another, and they do this well… very well.

The westerner in me is no stranger to hustle and bustle. However, this pace seems different than the “busy bee mentality” indicative of my own American culture. But how?

Here’s what I’ve noticed…

  • They pay attention.
  • They never seem too busy to stop, and connect with you on a profoundly relational level.
  • They listen and observe for the rhythm of their surroundings.
  • They assert themselves, while inviting diverse points of view.

What emerges from this chaos… is beauty. A beauty that for me, has sparked a desire to have a global impact and Master the HeART of Communication!

Tomorrow I will venture out of BKC and experience the lifestyle of an American living in India. Thank you Rory, my guide and friend. 🙂

What more will I learn about coloring outside the lines?