Who Are We?

Frame the Message Ink provides graphics and group facilitation in support of personal and professional learning. Using the power of visuals to enhance audience retention, clarity and engagement, I can help you frame your next meeting or event to ensure your message is heard!

Why Visuals?

So many presentations focus on delivering auditory information to audiences. How can you be sure that your message is heard? Marketers understand the power of visual messaging. Infographics and animated videos are increasing in popularity because research reports that 65% of consumers learn best in visual ways. Graphics can bring life and energy to meetings, presentations, brainstorms, strategic planning sessions, or any group setting where the goal is to deepen learning, make new connections, and provide a kinestetic hook for learners.

Why Should I Choose FMI?

Dynamic presenters understand the needs of learners. For deep learning to take place, opportunities must exist for learners to interact with their own understandings in new and innovative ways. Frame the Message Ink can help you bring together the principles of effective presentations and adult learning theory, to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.

It’s 2020! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

How many remember the long-running TV Series, Lost in Space? The show first aired in 1965 and creatively told the story of a family of space colonists struggling to survive in the depths of space. It was also the birthplace of the catchy phrase now often used to warn...

1-2-3 Sound Off!

Think about the last time you attended a meeting, or conference. What did you learn? If you can’t remember, it’s not surprising. For me, going to a conference is somewhat like camp. I learn a lot and leave uplifted and singing Kum-ba-ya; but the euphoria of learning...

Time’s Up!

There are many items on our wish lists that make their way under the tree during the holiday season. Wrapped tightly in holiday paper and bows are clothing and shoes, that will be donated after their newness wears off, trinkets that will be tossed away once we tire of...

Let’s Create An INKspot!

Frame the Message Ink can help to create your visual message using innovative technological tools and media, so that YOU can harness the power of social media and video sharing. Looking to share your message with a larger audience? Spread your message far and wide with an INKspot by Frame the Message Ink! An INKspot is a 2-minute whiteboard video that captures the hearts of your audience through animated storytelling.

Contact Frame the Message Ink today and let’s frame your next big idea!

Mastering the Art of Communication

Meetings lacking luster? Try a different color!

Frame the Message Ink captures your big ideas and creates a colorful frame around learning in a process called LIVE graphic recording. During a meeting or presentation, I listen and translate your ideas into colorful images on a set of 3’x5’ boards set up in your meeting space. Live graphic recording spreads color into the hum-drum world of meetings, events and conferences.

As an educator, I understand the needs of adult learners. They don’t want to sit passively and listen to long drawn out meetings. They want to be engaged! For this reason, I am passionate about assisting speakers and meeting planners in creating opportunities for learners to interact with what they hear in unique and colorful ways. Frame the Message Ink brings together the principles of effective presentations and adult learning theory, to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.