Mastering the Art of Communication

From Your Voice, to My Pen, with a Little Bit of Awesome

Frame the Message Ink captures your big ideas and creates a frame around your most salient points, converting them into a series of visual images on a set of 3’x5’ boards set up somewhere in your presentation space. During your session, we listen as ideas are shared at a rapid pace, and put your ideas into a context that the audience can hold on to!

I understand the needs of learners. For deep learning to take place, opportunities must exist for learners to interact with their own understandings in new and innovative ways. Frame the Message Ink can help you bring together the principles of effective presentations and adult learning theory, to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.

A Labor of Love

Labor Day marks a time of new beginnings. All great reasons to celebrate! The Labor Day holiday pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. Labor Day weekend pays reverence to families and friends being together away from the daily grind....

Mastering the HeART of Change

Pinch me. I’m living a dream. Two years ago, I took a leap of faith and made a decision that changed everything for me. I quit my job and journeyed into the unknown. I became a full-time graphic recorder and created Frame the Message Ink. I make my living with magic...

How to Achieve Creative Perfection!

Creative /kre’adiv/ I am creative (the noun), a person who is creative in my professional context. I am creative (the adjective), a word that describes my imagination and the originality of my ideas. I produce imaginative, original and artistic work, thereby, I am...

Let’s Create An INKspot!

Frame the Message Ink can help to create your visual message using innovative technological tools and media, so that YOU can harness the power of social media and video sharing. Looking to share your message with a larger audience? Spread your message far and wide with an INKspot by Frame the Message Ink! An INKspot is a 2-minute whiteboard video that captures the hearts of your audience through animated storytelling.

Contact Frame the Message Ink today and let’s frame your next big idea!