I live in Phoenix, Arizona but LOVE to color outside the lines! I’ve worked in places all over the world like, most recently in Qatar, Greece and India.

With over 25 years in education, I am certainly no stranger to understanding how people learn. I am a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and hold an Ed.D in Leadership and Innovation from Arizona State University. I am a highly skilled graphic recorder and trained provider of professional development and have presented at local, state, and national education conferences. I have drawn for international schools and organizations and believe strongly in the power of coloring outside the lines!

As an educator, I have made it my life’s work to teach in ways that people learn best. Visuals have been a way of life for me, and now as the owner/manager of Frame the Message Ink, I am able to bridge my passion for learning with the power of visuals!

As a child, I was that ‘doodler’ that so many teachers seek to understand. As an adult learner, I encountered many well-meaning instructors and presenters that delivered material strictly through auditory methods or text heavy media, leaving learners like me struggling to translate information quickly while making lasting and meaningful connections. From my own personal coping strategies and the desire to explore these connections more thoroughly and thoughtfully, emerged a newly inspired artist with a desire to help others “see” the message through new and inspired eyes!

I can help you bring an inspired and innovative approach to your next meeting, conference, workshop, or strategic planning session. ‘Frame your Message’ and meet the needs of all learners, while ensuring long-term application of ideas, accelerate understanding, and fully realize the change you seek.

Check out Who I’ve Worked With to see some of my work and hear what others are saying. Then, let me capture your next real time message using a ‘frame’ your participants are sure to remember!


Why I Draw…

I was that kid. The one frequently hoarding the art supplies and finding ways to draw my way through every major event in my life. My family fondly refers to me as the Sharpie Queen and now that I hold an educational doctorate in the field of education, I have grown into the title of Dr. Doodler. Frame the Message Ink was born from an incessant desire to create and color my way in the world. Come join me!

Contact Frame the Message Ink today and let’s frame your next big idea!