What I Do


LIVE and Virtual Graphic Recording

Add a visual element to your next meeting or presentation through LIVE or virtual graphic recording. Whether you are meeting in person or online, I’ll listen and draw, capturing your big ideas and giving onlookers an opportunity to connect to the content in a vibrant visual way!

How Can Graphic Recording Help to INK your THINK?

Inspires Big Ideas – – An impactful meeting makes people feel changed. Visual notetaking helps audiences SEE the big picture and inspires them to think ‘out of the box.’ Seeing their ideas come to life on the screen inspires creativity and provides a springboard for important conversations!

Notable – An impactful meeting connects people to notable ideas and concepts. How will you ensure they take note of the ideas you share and don’t tune you out completely? Visual notetaking can help you make your point faster and more clearly, prompting folks to take notice!

Keeps audiences engaged – Live or online, audiences lose interest fast! Many factors compete for your attention while especially while many audiences are working from home. They are likely to become distracted easily. Visual notetaking keeps their attention on the topic at hand.

LIVE Meetings and Events

Invite me to capture your meeting LIVE and in-person. I’ll bring my own materials to create and display visual notes consisting of vibrant images and text.

Should we have the chance to work together face-to-face, here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll chat by phone or email to discuss your overall vision and meeting outcomes and talk through the details like dates/times, travel arrangements and materials.
  • I’ll capture visual notes LIVE in the space while your meeting or event is taking place. I need only limited information about the content that will be shared. An agenda or brief summary is all I need to listen deeply for key ideas and concepts.
  • After your event is over, I’ll help you explore ideas on how to share this visual masterpiece with your audience as a follow-up, in social media or other forms of marketing.

Timelapse of a 45-minute LIVE graphic recording of a brainstorming session

VIRTUAL Graphic Recording

As a LIVE graphic recorder, I am not limited to paper and markers. I can also create visual notes LIVE on-screen and stream them digitally during your meeting. No travel to coordinate, or special materials or equipment needed. I can dial-in to anywhere in the world and generate dynamic illustrations like this one below, all in real-time while your meeting takes place.

Timelapse of a VIRTUAL graphic recording using an iPad and digital pen

Don’t let the technology scare you. It’s simple really. Here’s how it works:

  1. I’ll dial in to your virtual meeting at your scheduled time. All I’ll need is access and screen sharing ability to share my whiteboard remotely. Since I’m simply sharing my screen, there are no special technology tools needed on your part. I just become an extra member at your meeting!
  2. I’ll listen and draw digitally while your meeting takes place. Participants can watch the drawing in real-time as a visual summary unfolds.
  3. After the meeting is over, the digital image can be shared with participants in PDF format or as a time-lapse video! You are free to use and share the drawing with anyone you like, in publications, and on social media.

Commissioned Illustrations

Use images to tell the story of who you are! Commission me to help you visually translate your ideas, beliefs, values and vision into a spectacular piece of artwork. Timelines, customized clipart, banners, posters, murals, cards and gifts, anything you can imagine! We’ll work together to bring your ideas to life in analog or digital formats.

Project Commissioned by International School of Brussels,
summarizing the purpose and promise of student directed learning

Digital Services / Sketch Videos

Not hosting a meeting, but would like to create a visual message to INFORM, INSPIRE and SPARK conversation across your network? Videos are easy to share and have the potential to reach audiences worldwide! I’ll create a sketch video for you to share widely on social media. We’ll work together to generate a compelling story to explain concepts, deliver a message, or advertise a product or idea.

Sketch Video commissioned by ASCD highlighting a product and its value

So, let’s get started! Connect with me and let’s explore your ideas! Contact me for your free consultation. Together we’ll think creatively about how to best use visual communication as a powerful learning tool for your audience.