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Why Graphics?

So many presentations focus on delivering auditory information to audiences. How can you be sure that your message is heard? Marketers understand the power of visual messaging. Infographics and animated videos are increasing in popularity because research reports that 65% of consumers learn best in visual ways. Graphics can bring life and energy to meetings, presentations, brainstorms, strategic planning sessions, or any group setting where the goal is to deepen learning, make new connections, and provide a kinestetic hook for learners.

What is Live Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is a dynamic learning process that brings energy and clarity to presentations. Frame the Message Ink captures your big ideas and creates a frame around your most salient points, converting them into a series of visual images on a set of 3’x5’ boards set up somewhere in your presentation space. During your session, we listen as ideas are shared at a rapid pace, and put your ideas into a context that the audience can hold on to!

Why Should I Choose FMI?

Dynamic presenters understand the needs of learners. For deep learning to take place, opportunities must exist for learners to interact with their own understandings in new and innovative ways. Frame the Message Ink can help you bring together the principles of effective presentations and adult learning theory, to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.

The graphic recording process has served as an invaluable tool in capturing the collective efforts and momentum of stakeholders serving as a roadmap for ongoing planning and engagement.

Maricopa County Public Health Services

Collective Step for Youth

When we talked with Taryl prior to her visit to India, I was blown away when she said, “my work is to bring to light ideas that prompt action.” Holy cow! Taryl did this for us and more. She helped us to make connections between ideas and start to see the whole within the parts. Now, there are so many ideas buzzing around on how we can use the thinking she’s synthesized for us – I can’t wait to see where they take us.

American School of Bombay

Deputy Head of School, American School of Bombay

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