Who I’ve Worked With

Taryl Hansen has mastered the art of visual representation of complex ideas. She has an uncanny ability to turn even the most complicated group processes into artistic representations that bring everyone together in a shared spirit of inspiration and dedication.

Dennis Shirley and Andrew Hargreaves

Authors, Professors of Education, Boston College

Taryl Hansen has the amazing gift of creating visual art that communicates the spoken word. Taryl has created art for my messages dozens of times and never ceases to amaze and move people emotionally.

Pat Stark

Pastor, Genesis Church, Genesis Church

If you seek to make your Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan truly come alive, this is your solution! Taryl is a master at capturing “real” conversation to help map out a visual direction that lets staff clearly see the targets and the core values of an institution.

Mike Poore

Superintendent Bentonville Public Schools, Bentonville Public Schools

I am stunned by the beauty and accuracy of visual records Taryl creates of group interactions. She holds no equal in this work!

Bob Garmston

Co-founder and Author of Cognitive Coaching , Thinking Collaborative