Think about the last time you attended a meeting, or conference. What did you learn? If you can’t remember, it’s not surprising.

For me, going to a conference is somewhat like camp. I learn a lot and leave uplifted and singing Kum-ba-ya; but the euphoria of learning fades quickly after the experience is over. As someone who has attended hundreds of meetings and conferences, I’ve been imagining a better way of capturing data by harnessing the energy in the room in a way that lingers long after the meeting is over. That’s why I created Sounding Boards, an interactive visual experience for meeting and conference goers.

sounding board: a device or agency that helps propagate opinions or utterances

Here are three reasons to Sound Off!

1- Capitalize on the energy in the room by capturing real conversations happening when people gather in passage ways or networking spaces. Sounding boards are set up in a high traffic area somewhere near your networking space. I’ll listen and solicit feedback on your thought-provoking question(s), then simply create pictures around the stories they tell. You can count on me to spark conversations around a pre-determined question or specific content; or have a team member present and introduce yourself and get in front of potential clients. This can be an excellent strategy for exhibits and trade shows. Why not hear what they have to say, and build products and services around their real needs?

2- Capture real-time data often missed on written surveys. Most people are tired at the end of a day of learning, and opportunities to capture audience perspectives in the form of a survey are lost due to sheer mental overload. A few key questions asked on your survey can make for great visual content on a sounding board. Perhaps a compelling question like, “What is fueling your learning today?” or “What do you hope to learn?” Whatever the question, decide what is important for you to know, and then let the sounding boards speak for themselves!

3- Generate a buzz around your content! Social media has given a platform to the cross pollination of ideas, allowing ideas to extend beyond the walls. Common spaces at conferences are often buzzing with attendees bouncing ideas off one another and sharing their learning socially. Don’t be too surprised to see Sounding Boards making an appearance on Twitter and Instagram using your business or conference hashtag!

So, your turn to sound off! What other ways do you see Sounding Boards working for your learning spaces?