26 years ago I began my career as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher on the island of Maui. There I learned how to COMMUNICATE the joy of learning to students while competing with surf and sand outside my classroom doors.

16 years ago, I returned to my home district of Paradise Valley Unified School District and became board certified as a Middle Childhood Generalist where I learned to COMMUNICATE my practice in a clear, concise and consistent way.

12 years ago, I embarked on the work of providing professional learning for educators, where I learned to COMMUNICATE to adult learners the importance of ongoing growth and development throughout one’s career.

15 months ago, I decided to take the leap and start Frame the Message Ink, LLC. In providing graphics and group facilitation in support of personal and professional learning, I’m learning to COMMUNICATE the value of visuals for stretching and challenging group think, heightening engagement, and prompting emotion and commitment to the challenges that face us as life-long learners in a content-rich world.

At Frame the Message Ink, I want to master the ART of communication. What message are you hoping to convey? How can I help?

Watch my video Mastering the ART of Communication. Then, visit framethemessageink.com to see how visuals can help groups to communicate their messages in colorful ways!