October is a busy and fun-filled month, with Halloween, the school semester in full swing, and preparing for the holiday season to come. However, within our hurried schedules, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bring awareness to an ever-pressing epidemic in the lives of students. October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

I recently experienced the tragic loss of a friend and colleague. She was a huge supporter of confronting the challenge of bullying in schools, and so I committed to doing something in honor of her charitable spirit and heart for others. I wanted to use my Picture This! Webcast Series to bring awareness to one of society’s biggest hidden problems, bullying and cyberbullying. I searched far and wide for the perfect content to capture.

Then one day, I listened to a podcast by Vicki Davis: The Cool Cat Teacher on iTunes called Every Classroom Matters. Vicki Davis is a well-known author, blogger and tech guru, but most importantly, she is a full-time classroom teacher. If anyone had the heart and experience needed to advocate for this cause, it was her! Vicki was kind enough to share a recent interview that aired on her 10-Minute Teacher Podcast, providing meaningful content to capture visually and share during the month of October.

One small step at a time, we CAN do this together! To view a video of our collaboration on YouTube click here.

With the rise of technology, bullying has made its way into the digital sphere. Throughout the month of October, help us share this important message and put a stop to this ever-growing, ever-changing problem!

October will be ending soon. But, the cause continues. There are many ways you can stay involved throughout the year. Starting on November 1st, National Block it Out Day. On this day you can show your support and advocacy by abstaining from social media and digital networking. Post your story at #cleanthemean and $1 will be donated to the cause. For more resources, or to help someone you know who is being bullied, visit PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and remind them Stop, Block, and Tell.

We CAN do this TOGETHER! What ways have you found to help someone being bullied?