I was that kid. Fingers smudged by leaky pens, nose marked by the glorious smelling of Mr. Sketch markers, and art supplies littering virtually every work space I occupied. As a student, I was coined the “Sharpie Queen” and succeeded in school primarily because of my audio-visual prowess, not my academic skill. I have no artistic training, but somehow drawing has become a critical component of how I learn. Drawing is something I need to do, not just something I like to do. Today, I hold three degrees, including an educational doctorate. So I must have more academic in me than I ever knew as a young student. As a board certified educator and graphic facilitator, I ask, “How are we reaching students are out there who communicate best through drawing? Many people believe there are ‘creative types’ and ‘intellectual types.’ Isn’t it possible that we become even more intelligent when we challenge our creative brains? For me, drawing isn’t always about the art, it is about the thinking that lives inside. Click here to watch my Video Ink Blog: Why I Draw by Frame the Message Ink by Taryl